Nothing can clear up a cold sore overnight but there are a few things you can do to shorten the duration of a cold sore outbreak and to speed up the healing process.

Cold sores heal on their own in a matter of a couple of weeks at most. From start to resolution, cold sores could take a couple weeks to disappear. Initially, a cold sore is not visible. After a few days, the cold sore develops into a blister before “opening”, and subsequently turning into a scab. It will then heal over the course of one to two weeks, usually without leaving a scar behind. However, you can choose to take a proactive stance against the virus in order to speed up the healing process, so you can feel like your normal self in a short time. You can reduce discomfort and embarrassment by the following actions:

Ease discomfort

Apply ice (ice cubes in a damp towel) or a cold pack directly to the infected area for a few minutes, several times a day. It can ease the inflammation of cold sores and provides temporary relief.

Keep lips well hydrated by using a lip moisturiser that has UV protection to take care of your lips.

Do not pop a cold sore

Popping a cold sore can be tempting but it is actually one of the worst things you can do during a cold sore outbreak.

When you pop a cold sore, you raise the risk to release viral particles onto your healthy skin. You also increase the risk of spreading them to your fingers or eyes. Thereby you also increase the risk of you spreading the virus to other people.

You should also refrain from touching the cold sores in order to avoid accidentally popping them or spreading the virus to your fingers.